creativity in a playground of technology


We create engaging interactive experiences on screens. That's a fancy way of saying we do development work.

Web / Internet

Web sites, landing pages, HTML email campaigns, Flash sites and Flash intros, Facebook Pages, Twitter sites....all things that live on the web or internet. We create them all utilizing technologies ranging from HTML & HTML5, to Flash, to PHP & Javascript, to back-end database driven systems. The web and the languages and technologies are constantly changing and Leveractive follows along eagerly adapting and learning. We develop web solutions for you today, with an eye towards tomorrow.

Mobile & Tablet - iPhone/iPad/Android

If it's important today it is available for a phone, tablet, or both. This is where everything is and Leveractive is riding the wave developing apps for both phone and tablet, and for iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android. You NEED to have a presence in this area. Let Leveractive take the lead for your company and brand and develop your iPhone, iPad, or Android App now. It's where all your competitors are!

Desktop Software

As developers, we have a specialty in developing flash-based desktop software with amazing functionality and versatility. What can we develop for you?