creativity in a playground of technology


Leveractive was started in 2002 by Tim Leverett. After going through periods as Leverett Interactive and Leverett/Lennon, it settled into Leveractive around 2004 providing interactive design, development and marketing services to regional advertising agencies. Since then we've created an award winning software series and world class creative services and marketing.


We specialize in solving problems with creative solutions, and implementing those solutions in efficient, cost effective ways that maximize our client's investments and make them wonder how we did it. We love the word "WOW" and strive to hear it as much as possible. And speaking of "possible", the idea of "possibility" drives just about everything Leveractive does. First we dream it up, then we make it happen.


Leverative is a full service creative agency. You need inspiration? You need ideas? You need creative direction and creative services? We have dreamed up and created award winning consumer software products, brought them to store shelves in major and specialty retail, created effective marketing campaigns for those products, and made them nationally recognized brands.

We have created marketing campaigns and marketing collaterals for everyone from Fortune 100 companies to mom & pop basement startups. Web sites, print advertising, radio advertising, television advertising, video production, commercial photography, public relations & press, packaging, point-of-purchase, trade show marketing, and effective social media. Yep, we can do that.


Digital media is what the company was founded on. If it lives on a screen somewhere, we can make it for you. Desktop software, web development, and mobile phone/tablet development. Software, web sites, e-commerce sites, Flash websites, interactive flash presentations, iPhone/iPad Apps, Android Apps, etc.


We love when clients wonder how such an awesome solution and effective result was obtained on a budget half of what it would have cost with other agencies. We don't waste your time and money with fancy meetings, lavish offices, and dramatic catering. We make magic happen for you and your company, on time and on budget.


We have done work for:

Xerox, Kodak, Bausch & Lomb, Mastercard, American Express, Excellus Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Wegmans, Celltech, MDS, Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, Unity Health System, Rochester City Ballet, and many more...

Let Leveractive put our creative energies to work for you!